Modern Mystery School

What is the Modern Mystery School?

The Modern Mystery School is an academy of spiritual training teaching ancient healings and empowerment based on the 3500 year old lineage of King Salomon the wise. The lineage teachings of the mystery school introduces individuals to their path of progression and mission for service on this planet.

As the only mystery school open to the public, the Modern Mystery School and its Founder Gudni Gudnason are committed to individuals finding the path to their higher self, empowered growth and reinvesting that into making the world a better place.

The Path of Progression

The Modern Mystery School offers a path for personal progression through Empower Thyself and initiation. Initiates can choose to continue on to Know Thyself and the Healer or Spiritual Warrior paths. The key is each individual taking personal responsibility for their life, their growth, and their healing. If you are interested in learning more about this path, contact a practitioner in your local area. You can find connection to others in the Pacific Northwest through Modern Mystery School Pacific Northwest.

Founder Gudni Gudnason

Gudni Gudnason opened the doors of the Modern Mystery School to ensure there was a path open for spiritual progression for any person called to be in service to humanity. His mission, and that of the school, is to bring in a time when every individual (or at least a majority of us) is whole and connected to their true purpose in life, and choosing to work in service for themselves and others. When a sizable portion of humanity is working in concert with their true purpose, the world will change and welcome a more peaceful society across the globe.