Activations for Life Improvement

Our bodies have energy structures that feel and take in constant stimuli from the world around us. Although, it is hard for science to admit, causes for digestion issues, depression, and fatigue are all being found in the non-physical.  People literally eat their emotions when they repress them, sources of sub-conscious attachments and baggage weigh us down causing chronic fatigue, and serotonin or other brain chemicals may just not be being made as a result of environmental triggers or personal negative thought patterns stuck in a loop.

Activations from the lineage of King Salomon use over 3000 years of knowledge and wisdom to balance and restore the energy systems of our body so we can heal, find the strength to choose to move forward, and let go of the things holding us back. Speaking from personal experience I know all of these activations work and a physical and emotional level.  I used to have chronic anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue and digestion issues. I resolved all of these issues and more because of this work.

As a Certified Healer I offer many activations and healing options.  If you are seeking a change in your life please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss what approach and healing may be best for you and your individual needs and goals.

Packages I offer:

  1. Intro Activation Package: Life Activation and Basic Clearing  – $295
  2. Clear and Activate Package: Shamanic Aura Clearing, Chakra Clearing, Life Activation – $395
  3. Recovery Package: Shamanic Aura Clearing, Life Activation and Soul Retrieval $495
  4. Life Improvement Activation Package: Clearing, Life Activation, and Full Spirit Activation – $495
  5. Clear, Heal and Activate: Shamanic Aura Clearing, Aura Healing, Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation – $595
  6. New Self Package: Shamanic Aura Clearing, Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, Soul Retrieval $695
  7. Custom package to meet your specific needs – priceless