Angel Latterell

Who is Angel Latterell?

Angel Latterell, JD, PMP, LAP has defined herself professionally as an Attorney and Project Manager, having earned a degree in Philosophy, Classical history and Law. Angel’s love of language has also led her to become a poet, writer and playwright. With a zeal for cooking and travel, she’s traveled the world in search of new cuisines, while findng time to cook and write from her own kitchen. Aside from all of this, Angel found that she had a keen desire for spiritual learning and growth. In that spirit, she became a Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Max Meditation facilitator, a crystal healer, an empowerment coach, a practicing Buddhist, and a mystic reader of the Runes and Tarot. She is trained in Magick from the 3500 year old lineage of King Salomon the wise.

Angel believes that the revolution of humanity will unfold as a revolution within the microcosm of each individual life. In other words, one person at a time, achieving self-empowerment and directly acting to take accountability. This is our surest avenue for changing the world for the better. Angel Latterell is dedicated to this process and incorporates it into every aspect of her life and work. Abundant time, money, and energy are there ready to be accessed – Angel’s own life is an example of these possibilities.

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