Readings & Advice

Rune & Tarot Divinatory Advice Readings

Runes and Tarot are used in many traditions as tools of psychics and seers throughout the ages – so much so that the idea of a fortune teller looking into the cards or a crystal ball is a cliche’ image.

I am not going to use these tools to tell you your future or your past. I won’t re-enact any cliched performances of predicting the love of your life or fulfilling other romanticized notions. What I will do is facilitate a conversation with you, your intuition, and the magickal tools of the Runes and Tarot to tap into the answers that are already there waiting for you to find.

I call these readings divine advice because your intuition is the voice of your higher self, your divine self, and the hierarchy of light that is working in our favor. Working with these tools helps you to trust this intuitive voice and hone your sences to hear exactly what you are saying. I will be a facilitator in this process as we work to find practical advice for situations you are currently facing.

Standard advice sessions are 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long. Come prepared with a question about your life, or a challenge you are currently facing and we will work with the Runes and/or the Tarot to find the best trajectory for you, by you. Questions should not be yes or no – but more how/how should, what is the best way to, and so forth.

Rune and/or Tarot 3 Card Advice Reading –  45 minutes, $75

Rune and Tarot Full Spread Divinatory Advice Reading – 1 hour,  $95

Tree of Life (9 Worlds) Deep Examination Rune Reading – 1.5 to 2 hours,  $150