Awaken your Joy!

A Special Yoga & Max Meditation Event Celebrating Imbolc

This special yoga and max meditation event will occur on Imbolc, a Celtic Holiday that celebrates the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Solstice. We will celebrate making it through the depths of winter and welcome the return of the sun and joy in our lives with a heart opening yoga flow and soul soothing max meditation.

About Imbolc: Imbolc translates to “the belly of the Mother” and is the time where the seeds are beginning to stir as Spring awakens marking the center point of the dark-half of the year. It is the festival of the Maiden, as the sun (goddess) is reborn and begins to grow and renew until she fully blooms as Ostara at Spring Equinox. This ancient holiday is sacred to the Celtic Fire Goddess, Brigit, patron of smithcraft, healing, midwifery, and poetry. It is a time of Spring cleaning, celebrating the return of the sun and of sowing the seeds of intention to manifest in the Spring.

Come celebrate this time with us by igniting the fire in your heart and clearing the clutter of your mind through yoga and meditation!

Tier 1 early registration $25
Tier 2 pre-registration $30
Tier 3 – day of/drop-in price $35

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1. a Free Ticket to next yoga meditation event on Feb 22.
2. $25 off a Negative Attachment/Cord Cutting Session with Angel

About the Class:

This all levels vinyasa flow class will accommodate people of all abilities and experience with yoga. Rose will offer opportunities to take your practice deeper and stronger or to take it down and rest throughout class; encouraging each student to listen to and honor their bodies and needs. We will work to open up all major areas of the body through deep stretching while also gaining strength and working on improving our balance. We will work on opening our chakras throughout class and practice different postures that correspond to each chakra. Special attention will be put into grounding through our root chakra and opening up at our heart center.

This class will be steeped in the spirit of Imbolc, the Wiccan Sabbat celebrating the rebirth of the sun at the halfway point to Spring Equinox. We will work to awaken our lives with the rebirth of the sun by opening our heart chakras and using powerful, affirmations of self-love. After savasana, or final resting posture, Angel will lead us through a powerful and relaxing max meditation practice diving further into the theme of Imbolc.

Your Yoga Teacher: Rose Coleman, LICSW, RYT – 200

Rose believes that yoga has the power to heal and empower people to find their voice and love themselves and their bodies. She fell in love with yoga when she began practicing regularly as a way to relieve stress during social work graduate school in 2009. Inspired to add yoga to her therapeutic work with clients, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Hawaii in 2013. Rose began her teaching career in a women’s prison which gave her the unique privilege of teaching incarcerated women with various ability levels from a wide range of backgrounds. This experience taught her to meet students from all different backgrounds where they are with a trauma-informed approach and to learn to get very creative with her sequencing. Rose’s classes are intuitive, athletic, down-to-earth, and strike a balance between flexibility and strength with fluid and graceful transition inspired by her childhood training in modern dance and ballet. They are set to a fun and inspiring soundtrack that matches the energy of the flow.

Max Meditation Facilitator: Angel Latterell, JD, PMP, LAP, Certified Guide & Healer, MMS Int’l

Angel is a Minister of the Institute of Awakened Mastery, a Celtic Shaman and long-time practitioner of meditation through non-denominational and Buddhist methods. She has over 20 years of experience helping individuals find direct access to their higher self through the daily practice of mindfulness and meditation. As a Guide in the magick and lineage of King Salomon she offers a range of metaphysical and pragmatic options to support joyful living – from Initiation and the Empower Thyself class to clearings, activations and divinatory advise readings of the Runes and Tarot.