May Day: Unite in Hope

Unite, unite, let us all unite, For summer is coming today, And wither we are all going, we will all unite, In the merry morning of May!

Saturday May 2, 2020 10:00am-12:30pm

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The Worker’s Maypole

Written by Walter Crane on April 13, 1894

World Workers, whatever may bind ye,

This day let your work be undone:

Cast the clouds of the winter behind ye,

And come forth and be glad in the sun.

Now again while the green earth rejoices

In the bud and the blossom of May

Lift your hearts up again, and your voices,

And keep merry the World’s Labour Day.

Let the winds lift your banners from far lands

With a message of strife and of hope:

Raise the Maypole aloft with its garlands

That gathers your cause in its scope.

It is writ on each ribbon that flies

That flutters from fair Freedom’s heart:

If still far be the crown and the prize

In its winning may each take a part.

Your cause is the hope of the world,

In your strife is the life of the race,

The workers’ flag Freedom unfurled

Is the veil of the bright future’s face.

Be ye many or few drawn together,

Let your message be clear on this day;

Be ye birds of the spring, of one feather

In this–that ye sing on May-Day.

Of the new life that still lieth hidden,

Though its shadow is cast before;

The new birth of hope that unbidden

Surely comes, as the sea to the shore.

Stand fast, then, Oh Workers, your ground,

Together pull, strong and united:

Link your hands like a chain the world round,

If you will that your hopes be requited.

When the World’s Workers, sisters and brothers,

Shall build, in the new coming years,

A lair house of life–not for others,

For the earth and its fulness is theirs.

In this Ceremony and Yoga Workshop we will celebrate May Day and Beltane using ceremony and yoga. We will start with a prayer of unity and a ceremony marrying the divine masculine and divine feminine within to bring unity and healing across the globe.

Then we will engage in an all levels flow yoga class focused on our third chakra: the seat of our personal power and inner fire, opening our heart chakra to send love to ourselves and all in need around the planet and grounding through our first chakra into the power of Mother Earth.

Following the yoga flow we will take a guided ceremonial journey using meditation to connect us to the themes of rebirth, compassion and love and to engage in communal celebration through the use of imagination.

Finally, we will lead you through a the need fire ritual of cleansing and purification to rid ourselves of any sorrows & negative patterns, so we can all begin anew, uniting our energies in divine union & hope so that we may be balanced and of service to our communities during these unique and challenging times.

Beltane aka May Day is an ancient day of celebration of where the Needfire was lit to cleanse and protect, and the Great Rite (the marriage of the divine feminine and the divine masculine)was performed to ignite the virility of the earth. It is a time of sowing. A time to increase the fire in our hearts and souls that emulates the return of the warmth of the sun upon the earth. In traditional Beltane ceremony, the people would perform sacred fire ritual and pray at holy wells for the health and protection of the people, crops, and cattle and to encourage growth in the coming season. This was also a time to celebrate fertility with the May Pole dance which represented the unification of divine masculine and feminine energies, and the renewal of life throughout the land. The origins of the May Pole dance as we know it today was first performed in the 1300s after the Black Plague in Europe as people united in the old ways in order to bring life and rebirth back after great illness and devastation. It is our intention to bring this same call to rebirth and healing with this workshop.

May Day is a Marxist worker’s holiday that began with a peaceful protest and strike led by 30,000 workers in Chicago on May 1st 1886. Every year thereafter on the first of May there was an international call for workers to march for their rights to be paid for a 8 hour workday and 40 hour work week. It is a day that marks people and workers uniting to show their strength and commitment to be treated humanely and not as work machines by the powers that be. The messages of both holidays feel incredible potent and relevant to the transformation that is being experienced on a global scale at this time.

The intention of this event is to raise our collective vibration so we may courageously confront the unique challenges of our times with unity, hope, love, grace, personal power, compassion and freedom.

We are pleased to offer this ceremony and yoga workshop at a very reduced rate via online zoom streaming so that we can have as many participants as possible from all over the United States and the world – geography is not a barrier to uniting online. So please share widely with friends and family.

Time Zone Translation:

10am Pacific Time, 11am Mountain Time, Noon – Central Time, 1pm Eastern Time

Nor shall finances be a barrier to participation – we encourage everyone who purchases a ticket to gift ticket to someone they know who cannot purchase a ticket during this challenging economic time. There is also a donate what you can ticket option so anyone, regardless of ability to pay can participate. No minimum donation required, we just ask that you reserve this ticket option for those who truly need it. And if technology is being a barrier to any of the options please contact Angel or Rose and we shall manual override to ensure we resolve the issue.

The only thing required is Registration through Eventbrite so we can send you the secure Zoom link to join us. So whether you donate simply your time to click the link to register, or purchase a ticket for yourself or a friend, please join us for this prayer to unite the world this May Day.

Your Yoga Teacher: Rose Coleman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health First Responder, Shamanic Practitioner and RYT – 200 Certified Yoga Teacher

Rose believes that yoga has the power to heal and empower people to find their voice and love themselves and their bodies. She fell in love with yoga when she began practicing regularly as a way to relieve stress during social work graduate school in 2009. Inspired to add yoga to her therapeutic work with clients, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Hawaii in 2013. Rose began her teaching career in a women’s prison which gave her the unique privilege of teaching incarcerated women with various ability levels from a wide range of backgrounds. This experience taught her to meet students from all different backgrounds where they are with a trauma-informed approach and to learn to get very creative with her sequencing. Rose’s classes are intuitive, athletic, down-to-earth, and strike a balance between flexibility and strength with fluid and graceful transition inspired by her childhood training in modern dance and ballet. They are set to a fun and inspiring soundtrack that matches the energy of the flow.

Your Ceremony & Journey Facilitator: Angel Latterell, JD, PMP, LAP, Celtic Shaman, Certified Guide & Healer, MMS Int’l

Angel is a Celtic Shaman, Transformation Coach, Attorney and mystic reader of the Runes of the Elder Futhark – an ancient magickal alphabet and means of connecting to our intuition for divine inspiration and advice. Angel is an experienced facilitator and long-time practitioner of meditation through non-denominational and Buddhist methods. She has over 20 years of experience helping individuals find direct access to their higher self through the daily practice of mindfulness and meditation. As a Guide in the magick and lineage of King Salomon she offers a range of metaphysical and pragmatic options to support joyful living – from Initiation and the Empower Thyself class to clearings, activations and divinatory advise readings of the Runes and Tarot.