Custom and Coaching Services

Custom Ceremonies for Special Occasions (Marriage, Anniversaries, Renewals etc.)

As a Minister of the Universal Life Church I am able to perform binding marriage ceremonies. As a poet, writer, and spiritual practitioner I am happy to work with you to develop a custom ceremony to fit any denomination or non-denominational setting. I am available to travel to your destination setting (as long as travel expenses are paid) and conduct the ceremony where-ever your hearts’ desire. I have performed Buddhist, Wiccan, inter-religious/and intra-cultural, Burning Man, non-denominational, Love Wins and other creative themed ceremonies.  I work directly with the individuals to determine exactly how they wish their ceremony to be designed and aim to please. I look forward to working together with you to manifest your ideal ceremonial event.

My fee for this service will vary based on the level of prep work and customization. Base rate for a standard ceremony with slight customization is $300.00. Additional customization required is charged at hourly rate of $100 per hour.

Joyful Life, Business and Productivity Coaching

Do you need help creating routines, habits, practices to keep your life and/or business on track? My combined skill set as a process improvement and strategic communications project manager, attorney, and metaphysician give me a unique perspective to work with you to find new avenues of productivity and clarity for your business/mission based endeavor or bucket list life project.  I can assist you in finding a path to function with less stress, achieve your goals, and enjoy the work you are accomplishing. If your business just needs a legal adviser, consider subscribing to my legal consulting service. But if you need a more holistic approach to improvement subscribe to my coaching.  Each coaching session begins with identification of the tangible result you would like to see and feel at the end.

Single Coaching Sessions: $150 per hour

6-month Coaching Subscription: $1000 (includes up to 10 hours of direct support)

Legal Services and Consultations – see my law office website