Heart Filled: A Valentine’s Day Meditation

Celebrate Valentine’s Day and self-love with a special evening of heart-filling meditation great for singles & couples.

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Come celebrate the best kind of Love on Valentine’s Day. Self-love! Join me and fellow soul seekers for a very special heart-centered Max Meditation evening focused on bringing light and gratitude into our hearts and truly filling our cups. Let’s get back to basics, leave consumerism behind and focus on loving kindness for ourselves and others together in community. Be the change you wish to see, take a breath, close your eyes and come fill your heart.

This meditation is perfect for beginners, single persons and for couples seeking to do something different on Valentine’s Day and develop connection. No prior experience meditating is necessary and entire experience will be guided.

All guests will leave with a special heart centered gift to bring the sense of fullness out into the world with them.

Max Meditation is a complete system of wellness meditation based on western and eastern traditions. It is practical and accessible to anyone, whether or not you have any experience with meditation previously. It is both a starting point and a re-entry point for many into finding access to a quiet mind.

Benefits experienced from Meditation and Mindfulness Include:

-reduction in stress and tension

-reduction in emotional and physical pain

-more control over thoughts and detachment from situations

-more happiness and peace of mind

-increased concentration, spontaneity and creativity

-many, many, more wonderful things

Venue and Location:

The Institute of Awakened Mastery

9542 1st Avenue NE

Seattle, WA 98115

The Institute of Awakened Mastery is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to world peace by giving individuals opportunities to step onto a path to inner transformation and empowerment. Peace on earth will happen one individual at a time.