Life Purpose Reading

Want to do a deep dive into your true life purpose from a place of the spirit? The life purpose reading, or 11th codon reading goes directly into your spiritual DNA. This 45 to one hour session produces and in-depth map for you to meditate on for your life direction. It is powerful, empowering, and possibly life changing. For anyone who is truly desirous of developing a connection with their true purpose or delving deeper into their personal path – I highly recommend this session.

Pre-requisite: Life Activation. Because of the high amount of energy that flows in this session all recipients must have had a Life Activation within the last 3 weeks to be able to integrate the

Life Purpose Reading + First Time Life Activation Package $375.00

Just had a life activation? Reading alone: $175.00

Life activation a while ago? But really want this reading? Let’s talk about the best service package to support you for where your life is at.