Metaphysical Options from the Lineage of King Salomon

Life Activation – $225.00

Starting something? Stuck on something? Seeking a new perspective, more vitality – a direction in life? Want a little push to begin a new endeavor? Perhaps find a new job or just an improved outlook on the one you already have? Or maybe you want to connect to your life purpose?

The Life Activation is an ancient healing from a 3500 year old tradition that “turns the lights on” in the house of our spirit. It is a highly recommended first step on anyone’s new path toward a more empowered you. In fact, Life Activation can address any of the situations listed above. It is the first spark to ignite the flame under your feet for a new joyous journey. It will help ready you to take on what you need to do most right now. It will give you a closer connection to your higher self and the power to increase inner strength and wisdom.

In this 1.5 hour session we will talk about your goals, set intentions, and balance all of the energies in your body. Then, I will perform the life activation and conduct a reading where I facilitate messages directly from your highest self and the hierarchy of light.

Recommended Next Step: Want to learn more? Just ask, I look forward to talking with you about this wonderful path.

Full Spirit Activation

Empower Thyself Class and Initiation

Life Activation Packages are Available:

  1. Life Activation Package 1: Life Activation (or top off) and Aura Healing $395.00
  2. Life Activation Package 2: Life Activation (or top off), Aura Healing & 7 Layer Aura Balance $450.00
  3. Life Activation and Sacred Geometry Enhancement Package: Life Activation (or top off), Fire Soul Infusion (or another Sacred Geo Activation), Aura Healing & 7 Layer Aura Balance $600.00

Aura Healing & and Seven Layer Aura Balance – $150.00 individually or $275.00 together

Everyday we encounter numerous influences as we move in and out of different environments and interact with different people, energies and situations. All of it seeps into our Aura, as does the food we eat, the substances we drink, the conversations we have, the projects and family situations we experience.

Because of this constant stimulation it can be important to heal your Aura and restore its balance. If you have recently experienced a major change or trauma – then this becomes all the more vital. Benefits of the session can include increased vitality, a sense of well-being, a feeling of lightness, clarity of thought, reduction of headaches or other pain and improved sleep. Results vary based on the individual but are always positive.

In this 1 or 2 hour series of sessions we will start with the aura healing and then move into balancing each of the 7 layers of Aura. Both sessions are recommended, but they will both have benefit if done individually.  We will draw both sessions to a close with a conversation over tea about ways to protect your Aura in your current life so you can maintain the benefits of the healing and balance.

Crystal Healing & Activation

30 minutes $75, 60 minutes $125, 80 minutes $150

Everyone needs a little bit of relaxation and self-care here and there – crystal healing sessions do just the trick for this. The magick of the crystals infuse with the structure of your body and go to work to heal those places we can’t reach with our mind.  It is like getting a massage for your spiritual body, or a purifying bath without water.

Crystal healing sessions involve 30 to 80 minutes of bathing in the healing energy of crystals placed on your body targeting specific areas from mental and physical pain to better rest and dreaming. The session is completely relaxing with you lying down in a comfortable position, accompanied with soothing sounds, low light, and relaxing sensory experience.

Crystal Rites

30 minute session $65

Passed down through an ancient tradition these rites are a unique way to heal from old woundings, negative habits, and other blockages created by ourselves and our environments. They are highly recommended for breaking through particular issues that come from close familial or relationship based harms. They can also function to set a strong note for change in the future.

These rites are a metaphysical way to take on a sticky subject that keeps coming up with no additional processing. If you are curious let’s schedule a consult to discuss if this approach is the best thing for your situation.

Twin Crystal Reading of the Akashik Record

30 minute session $65,  1 hour reading session $130

This is a very special reading – you ask a question about your future and your past and we use the images and insightsprovided by the crystals to illuminate the best way forward or around the blocking issues around the question. We use the crystal to channel through the past, present and future and find the causal linkages and insights.