Soul Retrieval

Daily life can sometimes be a series of negative experiences. But some days, weeks or years can be worse than others. With every jarring or shocking experience we have in life we lose parts of ourselves. Shocks can be as small as a minor car accident or as large as a death of a loved one – it doesn’t matter the size they all have an effect on us and over time accumulate. Most of us are suffering from the after affects of one type of shock or another and sadly, we have just integrated the loss as the new normal and found ways to compensate for it.

Soul retrieval is a way to heal these losses so you can feel more whole and fulfilled. Benefits can include more energy, increased sense of well-being and self-worth, recovery support for grief, substance abuse recovery and many other possible benefits.

A soul retrieval session lasts 2 hours and is $225. Contact me to schedule a session orĀ  to discuss how a soul retrieval can benefit you. I look forward to talking with you about this amazing healing opportunity.