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If you are reading this, some turn of events has led you to my website. It might have been a personal meeting with me, the receipt of my business card, or a referral. However you found your way here. Welcome!

I can help with that! is the name of my very own Light Center. Light Center is a term used by those who work within the realm of the metaphysical. I cannot show you an assortment of physical products to improve your home and hearth, instead what I will you are intangible tools of empowerment.  My services focused on assisting human beings to become their most empowered and enlightened selves, capable of navigating the world and manifesting positive outcomes for themselves and their circles of influence. These positive outcomes and the energy that it takes to manifest them are called “light.”

So welcome to my Light Center!  If you have any questions about the services I offer do not hesitate to email or call me in order to set-up a consultation. Do you want to invest in yourself? Do you want to find more time, money and energy? Do you want to start in a new direction or simply make a few tweaks to your life as it currently stands? I can help with that!

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Angel Latterell



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