Start your journey to your true self
Start your journey to your true self

Angel's Mission

To give people the means to awaken, remember why they chose to be here now, on this planet, today, and find their spark of purpose. 

“Every reading, healing, activation, and initiation I conduct is dedicated to empowering each individual, one-by-one so that they can choose to actualize their destiny and contribute to transforming this planet back into the garden it was meant to be for all of us.”

Angel Latterell, Owner
Energetic Healer, Spiritual Guide & Empowerment Coach

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What past clients are saying...

From free consultations to unbelievable outcomes, Angel delivers on her promise to provide exceptional, personalized, and professional service to each of her clients. Just read what they had to say!

Chi Love
Chi Love
December 14, 2021
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Angel was so insightful and kind. Her delivery during the reading was well needed and just in time. She gave me so much clarity and understanding and for those reasons I would highly recommend her to any and everyone.
Emily M.
April 17, 2021
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Angel has honestly been one of my most reliable, trusted friend and mentor. Both in life my personal and professional life. I initially reached out to Angel to help calm my mind and come back to focus on the beauty in life. Only after a few sessions with Angel, I was able to find a sense of peace even when overcoming personal hardship. With Angel's ongoing friendship and support, I became more self-aware, I began looking at my professional and personal life completely differently. Which has allowed me to notice opportunities to make postive changes in day to day life. Angel has a helping and loving soul that has genuinely helped me to get to know myself better and confident be my true self. I am unbelievably grateful to have the pleasure share my life with such an inspiring woman like Angel.
Steve E.
April 23, 2021
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"Meditation has been a great benefit to my life. Initially I was a bit skeptical but throughout the years, it has helped me clear away the sensory overload that happens so easily in our modern lives. It has helped me figure out what I need now and define what I need next. Often, goals that seemed so out of reach appear readily at hand after I sit through meditation. Equally important is the right person who guides you through mediation sessions. Angel is a fantastic guide; leading myself and others to themes to carry forward in our everyday existence. If you're new to mediation or have been involved with it for some time, I recommend you attend one of Angel's sessions."
Michelle Maalihan Jaquish, MSW, LICSW-A
April 6, 2021
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"I was really unhappy and burned out, looking to build my own business as a private practice therapist, but lacking the confidence and having an intensifying fear of stepping into my own power. I met Angel at just the right time, and through one casual conversation with her about my career goals, she told me about her work at the Institute of Awakened Mastery. I was looking for a way to integrate spirituality into my leadership, and she told me about the Empower Thyself class she facilitates. I signed up right away. Never have I felt so affirmed about choosing the right time to step into my own power as a therapist and a healer. I learned so many rituals and practices that aided in re-wiring my mindset towards abundance, instead of the limiting scarcity mindset that was making me feel stuck in my career. Angel takes extra time to support you in your spiritual journey in the way that works for you and your path to greatness."

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