S1 Ep1 | Creation Requires a Container

You want to create your own Camelot?  Then it is time to explore the containers that will allow you to create your kingdom.  Any investment in to those containers will be worth its weight in gold on the returns the abundance you create within it will provide. 


Let’s think about this statement. Creation requires a container. To make something new – i.e. to create something you need a container. I am not asking you to believe me on blind faith. Let’s just look at the world around us. 

How do you create a new plant? Generally, the plant creates a fruit or a flower which has a seed. You plant the seed (or the universe plants it) and you get a new plant. The seed is a container for the new plant. 

How do we get a new human being? We’ve got an egg & sperm and they meet inside a womb – and then a human grows, inside a container (the womb!). See similar processes for other mammals. Birds & reptiles lay eggs – and the little baby grows inside the egg – the container until it hatches a new life. Only when ready does it come out of the The Container.  

Even viruses require a contain to spread – this is why we use soap – it breaks down the fatty cell wall of the virus and kills it so it cannot attach to its container (the host) and multiply within the container (human or animal) and then spread to more hosts – its all it known is how to do is recreate itself right? But it can only Create itself with a host – A Container. 

Then there are the more inanimate non-sentient beings – like water. How do you make an ice cube? You put water in a container and freeze it.  You make a snow cone by putting shaved ice in a cone shaped cup.  There isn’t a snow soup right? That isn’t the point.  The container is the reason there is a thing created.  

What about art?  A human or a racoon (If you have seen racoon art on the interwebs) places a paint brush (or a paw) to canvas that captures the form (the idea, the thought) in the physical. If you just have paint and an idea you still do not have art without the container – the canvas. Same with sculpture – clay plus idea does not a sculpture make until the clay is formed into the shape of the idea – The container. 

Now let me make the leap here – Why is this a law of abundance? First we must be aware what is necessary to create. And if our goal is to create abundance – we must be clear how to create a lot of something.  Ideally we want to find the correct container for the a lot something we want to create. In the realm of money and legal matters there are two containers specifically I can think of that are best for abundance creation. 

Both of these are containers. By making the container out of legal paperwork you create an entity that can hold money and property.  It doesn’t have arms or legs, brain or eyes, but yet it exists and it is specifically designed to hold something – and thus gives you the container necessary to create more of something. In this case more money and property. Which is why both a business entity and a Trust are phenomenal tools for building wealth and abundance for you and your life because not only do they fulfill the first rule of creation (You must have a container) but this container is also specifically designed for holding money and protecting money from your or others bad choices – much like an egg or a womb protects the baby from the outside world until they formed enough to come out and walk and eat.  A trust holds money so that it can be used only for those things that are in its nature i.e. support of the beneficiary. In other words a Trust only exists to hold things for the future benefit of someone – and that future someone is so aptly named “the beneficiary” i.e. the person receiving the benefit created by the container (the trust). 

Think of it energetically – if you attempt to carry sand in you hand across the beach – it all drains out and you will never make a sandcastle. But you put that sand in a bucket and you can carry that sand anywhere, and in quite a bit of quantity.  Add a little water to the bucket and you can even make it into a shape. Now you are in business toward building that sandcastle. The key here in this equation is the bucket!  The container.  How many places in your life are you just carrying sand across the beach in your hand when you are trying to build a sandcastle? 

At the end of the day if we want to advance our business endeavor, or if want to build something new, or if we want to make sure we pass our assets down to the next generation in a way that builds family wealth – we want to a container to create in.  

A business with no container is just like a handful of sand – it has a lot of leaks and you will not ever build a castle.  Similarly -passing your assets from one generation to the next without a a trust (using a will or not planning at all) is like that handful of sand again – so many opportunities for things to slip through and away. 

If you want to create something, anything you need a container.  If you want to create abundantly you need the right container for your endeavor. You want to create your own Camelot?  Then it is time to explore the containers that will allow you to create your kingdom.  Any investment in to those containers will be worth its weight in gold on the returns the abundance you create within it will provide. 

So your new mantra, or what you need to ask yourselves when you start any endeavor is: 

  1. What am I specifically trying to create?
  2. And what is the right container to create from?

Answer that question, acquire that container, and then you are congruent with the laws of abundance

and you will be able to create what you desire.

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