S2. EP.1 | Hermetics + Me

S2 Episode 1: Hermetics and Me  

Welcome to season 2 of Laws of Abundance! I cannot wait to kick off this second season with you – This season, in part is season 2 because this is the year of 2s, 2022, seems appropriate to keep the angelic numerology going. So with season 2 in 2022 we have 4 twos, 2222 an angelic number of balance, construction and harmony.  It speaks of new experience awaiting through bravery and positive thinking resulting in you building your dreams – in short be confident in your own abilities, trust your instincts, take a leap out of your comfort zone and build the future you truly desire using the laws of the universe.  So this season of 2, I am going to do just that by showing you the hermetic principles, the laws of the universe that we can use to build our desires into reality, as they are at work in my own life.  Season 1 was a seed, my practice round, where I shared at random as things came up for me.  I hope season 2 will be more structured, yet more vulnerable, so you can see HOW hermetics are organic laws at work in a life, and how when used and observed intentionally, you can use them to bring abundance, light and joy.   


Let us begin:


“A rosebud opens into a rose, an acorn grows into an oak, and a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly from its cocoon – that we, too, unfold according to an inner plan?” – Howard Sasportas, The 12 Houses


This week on Monday using my Writual planning journal and my new set of oracle cards given to me by my partner for my birthday – I pulled The Fool, the rune Perthu and The Emerald Tablet Activation card from my new light activation oracle deck. Clearly the universe was sending me a message to radically trust, let go, to be an open container of the divine plan, according to the rules of hermetics. To allow for manifestation around me with my effort only being the holding of the desire – not the manipulation of the elements. 


I’m writing this right now on an airplane flying to Kuau’i, Hawaii – sitting in first class, enjoying the first blanket and pillow I’ve seen on an airplane since January of 2020 and so much leg room. Now I’m rambling and you are likely wondering what does this have to do with anything Angel? What is the Emerald Tablet?t, what are hermetics?, and good for you going to Hawaii flying first class in January. 


So this year and my second Season of Laws of Abundance I am going to dedicate to studying the Hermetic Principles as they appear in my life.  Using real examples as I have leaned in to them, or struggled againstangains them to no avail – because Law of Abundance #1 is that the rules of Hermetics are inescapable laws. It doesn’t matter if you know them, believe in them, they still apply to you. But if you live by them, if you actually use them they are keys to creation of an abundant and joyful life. 


First I am going to say and admit that I am still an apprentice in this area.  A padawan. I am no Obi Wan or  Yoda when it comes to these laws. I’m at best a young and whining Luke Skywalker.  I am still studying the force, so I will share my experience and not be arrogant enough to claim anything close to mastery.  And unlike Star Wars – there really isn’t power in the dark side here on this plane.  The dark side is negative ego – FEAR, STUCK, NON-MOVING crunchy garbage living in a cage of a matrix dream world where you go nowhere.  We all start there. As a little battery pod in the matrix doing nothing but feeding the machine, not aware of our purpose. It is our default. We have to choose and work hard at unplugging every single day. This is not a one and done red pill like Neo in the Warner Brothers story.  Its more like the daily blue pill Niel Patrick Harris prescribes him, we have to remind ourselves every single day through gratitude, ritual, prayer and meditation, to stay on the path to knowing our higher self and not ending up back asleep in our little comfortable matrix prison. 


So let me tell you a little story about my journey with the Hermetic Principles.  Star date 2016/2017 just prior to the total solar eclipse, I’ve tried to drink  and eat my way out of dark hole of codependency.  I’ve joined the mile high club adventuring with strangers I met in first class seats on airplanes, drank my way across Scotland, ate at the best and most expensive restaurants in the world. After none of that works – I find myself with a set of Runes in my hands at a Celtic Fair in Mount Vernon, Washington sitting in the sunshine with two lovely ladies talking about the Ritual Master path. I start doing rune readings for people – and I start feeling magick in my life.  I encounter some interesting phenomena and decide to step onto the path of a ritual master in the lineage of King Salomon.  Why not try a path of self-discipline and self-discovery instead of on of hedonism? Hedonism was starting to hurt my hip, my heart, my bank account, my stomach and no fine scotch or fully loaded bloody mary was going to bring me to a place of betterness. 


Now this path as an RM or a ritual master was where I was first introduced to the laws of hermetics formally. The lineage of King Salomon is a hermetic order. This was told to me years prior but I didn’t know what it meant, nor, honestly, did I really care. Doing light work felt good so I kept doing it, not because of any philosophical choice. Moreover my buddhist practice followed certain principles (like cause and effect) and Kabbalah had helped me know my self worth a little better, but all I really knew about hermetics was the phrase “hermetically sealed” and that there was some guy named Hermes Trisma something or other (Hermes Trismegistus) and he wrote a book called the Hermetica.  


I understood through Buddhism the concept of Oneness of Self and Environment but as I started down the RM path I began to learn 1. All is Mind – if we think it so then it becomes so 2. As above, so below – as within, so without – everything has a structure and as we see ourselves within so it is reflected without in our environment (much like oneness of self and environment…interestingly enough) 3. Vibration – everything is in motion and holds a frequency if we engage, ingest, align with it we can raise or lower our frequency. Higher vibration equals positive results and abundance. 4. Polarity – everything has a polarity or pole and an opposite. But opposites are the same just different by degree 5. Rhythm – everything flows in and out, rise and falls, if you push something away it will swing back like a pendulum and smack you harder. 6. Cause and effect – everything happens according to laws of the universe, so every cause has an effect. There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes this law. 7. Gender – everything in the universe if binary, there are masculine and feminine principles and energies everywhere. And this duality manifests on all planes of existence and their balance and interaction is necessary for creation here in the physical world. 


The more I study hermetics the more I’m sure that Nichiren Diashonin, the well studied monk who started the sect of Buddhism I have ascribed to since I was 18 also studied hermetics as the principles are all in his writings, just in different words than as they appear in the Kybalion or other cliff note versions of the Hermetica. 


So how did I start applying these esoteric principles to my life? In some ways this is the grand experiment. This is the great work of becoming a disciplined magician creating your life. The work of knowing oneself.  It is tuning in to these principles always in life.  But honestly, I started with the ones I knew well and tried on those I didn’t. And when I say “Try on” I meant in some cases “Ignore” and then feel the consequences of that ignorance. I started looking at the world through the lens of these principles. And my negative ego actually stopped winning the daily battle, not without a fight however (but the daily practices, rituals, meditations that I engaged in helped) and I also gradually started making better choices in the moment, I started living in the moment, letting go of fear and old crap, I started clearing old stuff out of my way, and speaking and being my truth of the now instead of the shoulds of others. 


So 2018 saw me surprise people in my corporate job as I started prioritizing me and speaking my mind.  I also started my side businesses for real, focusing on life activating people and learning additional skills as a healer, going out to fairs to perform readings and giving up alcohol and excessive eating of my feelings. 2019 I pushed myself further on my path through more Kabbalah and choosing to stand up and become a guide for others within the Modern Mystery School International. I choose to work on my physical wellness, to add beauty and self-care to my regimen. I started to stand up straight and live royally and not take others assertions upon myself. 


This resulted in my corporate job pushing back at me – telling me I was getting too uppity. Although it was extremely uncomfortable at the time, looking back this was a natural reaction by those still stuck in the matrix reacting to me.  Also my contract with god and my purpose in this world does not have me beholden as a wage slave to another but asks me to be my own master working for myself.  But I still needed a strong and obvious message  to finally push me out of the cocoon however, and that was delivered in December of 2019 when my boss told me that I did not appear committed to my job and would not be receiving the promotion that had been promised to me over the past year. Her judgment had nothing to do with what I was actually doing at the job, but it was definitely the sign I needed to withdraw myself from the circle where I had no input, no ability to influence the outcome, essentially to clearly identify that my corporate job was a waste of my time and talents.  So I left and started my own business 2 months later just as the pandemic started in March of 2020 and the world shutdown.  I could have panicked. But instead I held gratitude – as the shut down was the best possible thing that could have happened. It gave me the ability to ingather, recover and focus my efforts on being an entrepreneur. And for the first time in years I could just work on me. And start to study the hermetic principles at work in my life and the world with perspective – birthing this podcast and the host of things you see under my law office and light center brand.  


I share this maybe somewhat not so exciting trajectory and gradual progression story to illustrate that the laws of abundance/hermetic principles in one’s life is not necessarily a quick, nor obvious, nor straightforward line. But being on the path and staying on the path is key. 


So this season in the year 2022 I will be exploring as best I can with life experience the laws of abundance as expressed in the 7 hermetic principles. You will see my messy process from worm, to crystallis, to butterfly just like the quote I started this post with. 


As I finish writing this episode one, I am home from my trip to Kuau’i, Hawaii where I learned even more about myself by hiking thru the jungle, sitting on the beach and meditating – I allowed myself to unwind – I learned that for me I need to find play within my work for joy to continue and to pervade my service to others.  Much like the saying (or possibly a stephen king quote) “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  For me, Angel, I have to ask myself for what purpose do I work so hard? This is not service to self and others if I just work to work, or work to avoid living my life and loving. I have to allow others to help me carry things forward and sometimes to set everything down so that I can take time to dance, move my body and allow the waves of passion to flow thru just for the sake of enjoyment or moving my physical body & igniting the flames within so I can hear and listen as the hierarchy of light and my higher self guide me along my path.  The 6 days in Hawaii was the first time that I pushed myself like that on a jungle hiking trail, the first time I stayed comfortably with a large group of strangers, that I just did for the sake of doing and moved to treat my body in over 10 years. I let my mind go completely and stayed in the flow and relaxed and loved.  I came home whole, awake, alive and clear, refreshed and completely unafraid – whatever is coming in my life I shall create with my heart, my imagination and gradual consistent effort forward. Less attached to doing and more focused on simply holding the vision allowing the gifts of abundance the universe provides to support me.  


Alright my listeners I am excited for what is to reveal itself in 2022 as I move froward in this place of vulnerability in all aspects of my life, sharing how these laws of abundance are at work in my life so you may be inspired to do the same yours.  


And also I want to hear from you!  If you have read the Kybalion, the Hermetica, or anything about hermetic – do you have questions? Stories to share?  I’d love to move forward in conversation and address or your questions, tell your stories, or even figure out how to have guests on this show so we can learn more, together, this is the year of 2s after all. 


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