S2. Ep.2 | All is Mind: Change Your Mind, Change Your Reality

Transmute = “to change from one nature, form, or substance, into another, to transition.”            -Webster’s Dictionary

 Thus, Mental Transmutation = the art of changing mental state, forms and conditions into other state.

 Hermetic Principle #1 Principle of Mentalism Axiom “All is mind; the universe is mental.” Meaning the underlying reality of everything is mind. Descartes said “I think, therefore I AM.” In Hermetics this means the universe itself is mental – existing in the mind of The All. 

But let’s carry this to a logical next step, if the universe is mental and all is mind and mental transmutation is changing mental state – then the art of changing your mental state is the art of changing your reality. Everything starts with your mental state. Change your mind, change your reality.

 And this is principle #1of hermetics, so in order to become a master of reality, one must become a master of awareness such that they can master their mind not have their mind be a master of them.

Ok Angel – now you are being a hermetical bumper sticker. To this I say yes I am. “Change your mind. Change your reality.” Is a bumper sticker but it is also a hermetic principle because all is mind. Literally the world we see in “objective reality” is a reflection of what is going on in your mind. So if your mind is a cluttered mess of thoughts and negative self-talk, I bet your work space, room, or home is also a bit cluttered.

All that physical clutter represents what is going on inside all the unconscious, subconscious attachments to other people’s opinions about what you should be doing or saying.

What do you want to be doing with your life? Have you thought about that recently? Are you living the life you want to live? If the answer is no – what is stopping you?

Pause this podcast right now and write down your reasons. Just take five minutes. What is stopping you from living the life that you want to live?


(pause music)

Ok – welcome back. Look at your reasons, how many of them could you change if you changed your mind about them being a reason that they are stopping you?

For example – Recently I have been busy with marketing my law office. So busy however,  that I’ve barely had time to eat, exercise or take care of myself. This has had me stressed out and aggravated some health problems. This is not the life I want to live In a physical state with a swollen ankle and a limp. I want to be able to hike through the jungle to waterfalls in Hawaii and beaches in Brazil. What is the answer? Instead of being a victim to my calendar I purposefully decide that I have time. Time for self-care, time to block my tasks, time for boundaries for my volunteer work, time to hire a law clerk and an apprentice. 

I change my mind and my thought process around time, I implement boundaries and I bring in help – I stop looking at this as temporary.

My business is growing because I’m investing in it. But there is no reason to have a successful business, if I can’t enjoy my life.

Let me use another example from a friend’s life. They feel like they have lost everything recently because someone has bad-mouthed them in a community – and that community has taken the side of the drama creator and banned them. My question to them was this – What have you lost? They responded – my community. I said – I’m still here. Your other friends who care about and support you are still here, aren’t we? They agreed. So, have you lost your community? The answer is no. All they lost were some strangers or acquaintances who lack discernment as they believe someone with no facts or reasonable-ness. So old thought – I lost everything – belief and more loss. New thought – what gratitude I have for my true friends who will stand by me no matter what. How blessed am I?


Recently, my friend lost everything. 

Or so she thought – emphasis on thought. 

“I have been bad–mouthed by a community I love and am strongly attached to” my friend said.  

Her hurt and confusion was palpable 

My question?

What have you lost? 

My friend quipped, “my community.”

Interesting I said, I don’t THINK so.

“I’m still here. Your other friends who care about and support you are still here,”

My friend agreed. I could tell her energy had began to increase. 

So, I asked, 

“Have you lost your community? The answer is no.”

All she had lost were strangers and/or acquaintances who lack discernment and good judement as they had chose to believe someone with no facts or reason. 

So, old thought – “I lost everything” – which will surely increase more lack and loss belief 

New thought – “How blessed am I to have the incredible close friends that see my truth, support me and know when others are lying.”

Even as I am telling this story, you can feel the shift.

In my case, I’m putting up the time blocks I need to do things I enjoy and that take care of me, so I don’t burn out as I experience a successful busines. 

 How did I almost get to burn out? My underlying belief that I have to do it all. This is habit pattern and from an old worn-out belief that I am not good enough that has me taking on things and sacrificing my own wellbeing in the process. 

So, I’m letting go of my volunteer work right now, and putting up boundaries and then holding them. This is done in my mind and thoughts first. If I just keep believing that there is not enough time – then there will never be enough time. But if I say this time here is sacred for this – and I honor that the work will get done – AND so will the self-care.  They can coexist – and some things will get let go of. AND I’m ok with that. Others might not be but they are going to have to figure that out – its not my job to carry their load.

Which brings me to part two of this discussion: that all is mind. If all is mind, what thoughts are causing you not to be able to live the life of your dreams? 

  • Do you actually know what life, your ideal life looks like?
  • If all conditions were perfect – what would your life look like? 
  • What would you be doing? 
  • Who would you surround yourself with? 
  • How would you live your daily life?
  • Can you articulate this? 
  • Can you focus on holding the vision of the joyful life you want to be living? 

If you can’t then THAT is a place to start spending your time figuring out.

Because all is mind. So first, get clear what you want in order to make it happen. 

All those reasons on your paper are excuses for you to live a life you DON’T WANT. 

This is not to diminish any challenge you are facing. This to re-focus your energy. Are you facing the right challenge? Or wasting your time?

If you are not clear where you are going, then maybe this bridge that is blocked is not the right one to rebuild. Like my friend and their “lost community”. Yes, it hurts to be rejected. But does it actually matter in the bigger picture of your life’s hopes and dreams? 


It’s a distraction from living your purpose. If all is mind – you can change your mind about that challenge and make it opportunity.

Accepting hermetical principle #1 All is Mind requires one more ingredient. That crucial season to the sauce? Personal responsibility. Because if it all starts with me and my mind, my holding a vision for myself, my thoughts, then who is responsible for those thoughts? For creating that vision? I am. 

I am responsible for all of it. I am not a victim of my circumstance. I am creating it with my mind. I am creating my perspective. I am creating my reality. I am creating my reaction to my reality. It is all my personal responsibility. Stop giving the secret of your sauce away. Stop giving the keys to your future to another person or circumstance. Take back your power, and start to create the reality you desire. Your change starts now and it starts with you. Not your community, not your mother, not your boss, not your spouse, not the annoying construction that causes you to be late or the cup of coffee you spilt on your shirt. You control your reactions to the uncontrollable AND as all is mind. Everything else is just stuff you are letting stop you. 

So, what is one thing that is stopping you today from living your life and where can you take your power back?! 

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