S2. | Ep.3 | “Angel, You Look Like Chaos”

So, it finally happened to me. COVID. I’ve never been afraid of it, been moving about the country traveling all over the place for the last two-plus years and finally, we came full circle, and the trip we were supposed to take in 2020, we took in 2022 in New Orleans – and COVID shows up to crash the party. Now it’s not a shocker to me that I got sick. I haven’t been sleeping well or resting at all. I’ve been overworked, and stressed about various things with my partner’s kids, with my job being super successful, but me not having the right amount of help or systems in place. I placed all my self-care cards in the proverbial vacation bucket. “I’ll get rest later,” I said. I’ll take a break later. Well, when vacation finally came so did illness, walking right in the wide-open door.  Ok Angel, what does this have to do with a law of abundance or Hermetics? Everything. Because our life is a reflection of the cosmos, and our inner life is reflected in our outer world. Recently my very good friend called me to say “Angel, you look like chaos.” I knew she was right. I was trying to do too much all at once, to be too much for others and not showing up for myself with basic self-care practices. Not setting boundaries with my time. I was not taking time to clear myself or ground in any significant way – and I lost touch with myself briefly. I was tired, irritable, and stressed out, and no wonder most of what I attempted failed. My inner world responded messily. 

Now the principle of correspondence, as above so below, so within, so without – as the axiom goes isn’t just this simplistic, yet at the same time, it is. 

What the principle of correspondence means is that ALL the universe – every single thing in it, from the heavens (the stars and planets) to an anthill on earth, or a microbiome inside my gut all follow the same set of rules and none of them deviate. 

Look at how Atoms work. A nucleus that is circled by an electron. A solar system is a sun/star/a nucleus circled by planets (electrons), so the tiniest thing is similar to one of the biggest things I can imagine. 

The law of correspondence tells us that there is a rhythm, an order, and a set of rules, like cause and effect, vibration, polarity that everything follows, nothing escapes this cosmic ordering, nothing is outside of the seven hermetic principles, live them and experience the best alignment in this life with our purpose and oneness with them. 

This is all a true magician or Alchemist does. Align with these principles and rules of the universe and use them to manifest hermetically for the best and highest good. 

The hermetic path is likely never the easy path. It’s the longer, higher road with the rewards that can’t be counted selfishly. But also, it can be the healthy path, the calm path, the path where chaos cannot come spoil your party because those doors are not ever open. 

I do my best. I live mostly in integrity. I live mostly attempting to step forward on a hermetic kabbalistic path in my life. But I am not at all perfect (albeit perfection is simply the act of staying on the path and practicing every day). I get stubborn, I have attachments. I let my fear of mind control decision-making when I get worked up. And then I’ve got to learn things the hard way – with some proverbial beating on the head with a baseball bat to get the message. 

But the beating comes because the laws of the universe dictate it. Cause and effect always happen. Inner worlds reflect on the outside. 

So in my case this time around I got really sick on my vacation and anniversary fun times with my partner in New Orleans. And then I spent six days in quarantine on a calm serene beach in Vero Beach, Florida recovering. Life could be way worse. I’m lucky my partner said book a room here, my intuition said, “be right on the beach!” no compromise. It was just two nights to decompress after New Orleans and to prep to visit my father. And then it became many. And I had nothing to do but spend the time with myself, resting and taking care of myself as I let the ocean waves calm down my being and the vitamin D and sea air clear me. 

I materialized this retreat. My heart’s desire was sun and sand and quiet to hit reset for myself. Get clear for me. Get to spend the conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces by the water baptized in the large, dreamy sea of the cosmos. 

It ate all my extra resources for a while. All the extra abundance I made in March working too hard. But that is also completely in alignment because I don’t have the systems yet to grow sustainably and now, I’m back home building those systems while setting boundaries for my time. 

Success is meaningless if I am broken or if I’m sick. If my partner and I cannot spend time together. If I can’t see my family. Over attachment to certain outcomes can also not be a good thing but the most important for me is to hold a vision of being in a flow that allows me to be the one in the best space – me meditating, me clear, me without chaos so that then everything I touch is also clear, is also clean, is also functional, also follows the rules of the universe so it works for the best highest good of the whole. 

I can’t save it all for vacations. I can’t put off living my life for later. Work is necessary to achieve anything but that work also can’t be all-consuming because it’s done without proper order and structure. The universe has a structure. The Hierarchy of light has a structure, so my life needs a structure (NOT rigid control of every detail out of fear) but a structure for my time and energy. My businesses need a structure for their success and sustainability. The cycle of abundance needs to be recognized – as I grow, I share my abundance with those who take on the tasks I need done. I can’t hoard the money because then I’m hoarding the work, and then I’m drowning, and then I’m sick. 

In my rune readings recently, Sowelo keeps appearing. This is the rune of the sun. Victory. It looks like an S roughly. In Ralph H. Blum, The Book of Runes, he speaks of this rune as wholeness and offers the Gayatri prayer. 

You who are the source of all power, whose rays illuminate the world, illuminate also my heart so that I can do your work. 

This corresponds to the saying “I will thy will.” In that, I will the highest purpose for my life to flow through me. 

I am willing to get out of my own way and become a conduit of the laws of the universe, let the laws flow through me. As Jesus said, “I can of mine own self do nothing.” Meaning by our own self we truly do nothing; things flow through us if we allow them. 

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of the principle of correspondence in my life. I hope it awakens something in you to dig deeper into these principles, these laws, and where they are at work within you. And for the dear listener who loves to control, especially when life gets out of control, I challenge you to find FLOW within your structure (don’t clamp down, release and let the wind blow through the scaffolding you have built so deftly, see what happens!! maybe you can even jump out of your Tower and fly)  And for the listener who neglects all structure, or who even blames structures outside themselves for all the things – can you start telling yourself the truth? start taking some responsibility for the things you are setting in motion? Can you be more intentional with what you are setting in motion? How might you allow structure into your flow?

As always, need a little push – I can help with that! 

Until next time, live well. 

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