S2. Ep.4 | Vibration…It is Real: Raise Your Vibration, Change your Life

Everything on this earth holds a vibration. We can’t see them but atoms are little solar systems rotating around a sun, just as planets and moons are rotating around their planets and suns, and galaxies. They are all in movement all the time. This movement that has a resulting frequency is Hermetic Principle of Vibration. In some ways it the acceptance and acknowledgment that every THING is always in motion.  And you are now like – Great, right. Thanks, Angel. What does this principle of Hermetics have to do with me and my life? Scientists and physicists yes, but me? Well, if everything is in motion, then we are in motion, if everything has a vibration than we have a vibration, and thus our choices can affect our vibration significantly. Take for example my choosing to drink herbal tea vs. coffee (i.e. caffeine) in the morning – one literally starts my heart palpitating and my skin sweating – the other soothes me into a nice meditative space where I can engage in ritual, meditation, and chanting. Ritual meditation and chanting then have me going to a higher mind state than say, starting my day on social media. And thus when I actually move into my second part of the day, the part where I sit in front of a computer. If I’ve meditated, things flow smooth. If I’ve simply caffeinated and ingested headlines and social feeds I’m already scattered and my vibration is already jumpy. My day is more likely to tilt into reaction and go off course than if I right my sails into the flow of the higher self.  So let me tell you a little story a situation that arose this month.  (It’s so easy now to look back and see how I literally spun myself up)

Mercury retrograde, plus Jupiter in Aries, plus Lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Sitting on the couch crying over things I can’t identify; grief is welling up within me as I let go of old stuff I’m carrying and mourn changes, and also, I’m in a unproductive thought loop about needs and wants in my relationship. I want to talk to my partner on the phone before he’s unreachable, and I’m in Canada and we are on different schedules and, and, and…. The more I think about the distance the bigger it gets and I’m having a full-blown anxious attachment trigger episode with myself. Now, I know this is in my head – my partner has done nothing to deserve some of the frustrated thought loops currently dancing in my mind – it’s my disappointment bear again, it’s my wounded wailer crying over injuries that have not been perpetuated but certainly will be, and before you know it I’m very worked up and now I’m crying about my needs not being met. Even though there is absolutely no external stimulus to create this situation. I’ve done it to myself with my thoughts.  

Yes, I’m in a relationship where distance is a constant, but I generally find that ok because I’ve got so much going on, I need the space for my purpose. And my needs are met. But now that my vibration has shifted, and things feel icky – because my thoughts are worked up, and my vibration is not of the light – it is of complaint and fear. I’ve spiraled myself into a literal emotional tizzy. 

Now here’s the thing. I know how to get out of it – but this particular week I don’t, I give in to the tsunami of emotion and feeling – I journal, I allow it to pass through me – but it doesn’t go. Some fear wants attention, so I take the bait, I text my partner, he doesn’t respond as I wanted in fact, he responds to something from the night before but my spiraled and wound up wounded wailer steps in and freaks the fuck out “WTF! How could he! Never again! doesn’t he know what I’m going through!”  

Bad news bears, dear listeners – so when he finally calls me, I’m an aggravated mess incapable of properly communicating anything. And he is very confused and defensive at me being a crying blob of inarticulate emotional vomit. I don’t blame him – and ironically, I used the very thing I wanted (at the very beginning of this episode) to try and calm me down (his voice) to spin out further.  

Vibration. It’s real. And it can get very real if you don’t manage it and your thoughts. 

So, five hours later after chanting, after ritual, after a good talk with a calm friend who reminded me to mediate before doing anything else – I managed to bring myself back up to a higher frequency. Not say anything more in my moment of weakness – and to calm the fuck down about the literal nothing I had made into something.

Vibration. It’s real. 

Chanting Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō raised my vibration. I read some encouraging quotes about why meditate, I did some rituals and grounded myself, and then and only then did I talk to my partner again. He did not deserve my onslaught of failed self-care when he was just trying to fulfill what I asked of him but I was so jacked up on my inner drama I couldn’t do anything but be reactive (to literally nothing).

So, I share this to demonstrate 1) even I turn into a spazzed out mess once in a while (and let me tell you it was exhausting)  2) to give an example of how a human can change vibration based on our thoughts and actions because 3) our thoughts have vibration because 4) everything has a vibration and this is why things like meditation, mantras, activations, energy healings can actually help you in your life. Because they can instantly change your vibration. In my example from my life, I indulged in my drama and where did I get? Tired and upset and regretting that projected it upon my partner – which in hindsight was completely avoidable. 

How could I have avoided it? Changed my vibration before engaging. Using the tools I teach and know. Specifically, meditation. Specifically redirecting my energy. I could have called a colleague and gotten an emergency cord cutting instead of leaning into the emotional rollercoaster. I could have sat down and chanted for my partner’s happiness, held gratitude. I didn’t though, so I let my negative ego win a round. 

As a Hermetic principle, a law of the universe, and thus a law of abundance, understanding vibration is essential. Like attracts like – so positive thoughts gather positive, and negative gather negative – they become clouds that will swirl and rain on your parade. Now in my example – this was just about a single week in my life, because I have tools and practices to change my vibration. 

But what about a person who lives their life like this all of the time? In emotion, in the past, in a state of drama? It’s going to color everything – leading to more drama, more negative vibration, more bad reactions – and eventually maybe the persons life will be sad and lonely as all were persons are driven away. Or they believe the world is just filled with assholes & narcissists. But as I’ve said before, if the world is filled with assholes the most obvious one is yourself. As in likely YOU are the biggest asshole. 

I digress. 

You can oversimplify vibration to a law of attraction. I wouldn’t though, but for the sake of understanding you can go there. As a law of Hermetics – just know that this is how the world works. Our thoughts have vibration, our food, what we choose to engage in, music, rocks, minerals, etc they all have vibration. Matter of all kinds has vibration. Every single thing has a vibration. 

And as a human we can change our vibration in three ways…

  1. We can meditate
  2. We can change our habits (which include our thought clouds) perhaps that glass of wine ISN’T a coping mechanism. What if you chose rose tea instead and raised your vibration – instead of lowering it with alcohol? Stressed? Go for a run, go work on a project, go do yoga instead of calling your friend for a bitch fest – the complaint picnic will only erase fortune and lower your vibrations. 
  3. The Third way – we can go get help. Come get a clearing and a healing from me. It’s what I should have done upon the moment I was spinning. 

And these are all within your control. And honestly, we all need help from time to time. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, they all had teachers why shouldn’t we? 

And actually, with a teacher and with a practice – (a path, you might call it) you have a way to work towards a better, higher vibration for your day to day. Not just a lurching here or there. But everyday consistently raising your vibration such that someday its so much higher than before – and your new bottom is so much higher than where you were before you started climbing. 

So dear listener, I will end here today with a quote from the Kybalion and a quote from Ipsissiumus Dave Lanyon, a hermeticist extraordinaire .

“Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration. And by effort of the will of the person, or of other persons, these mental states may be reproduced, just as a musical tone may be reproduced by causing an instrument to vibrate at a certain rate. By knowledge of the principle of vibration, one may polarize his mind at any degree he wishes, thus gaining perfect control over his mental states, moods, etc.”


Dave Lanyon quote “Hermetics is always absolute. Stop using the mind, use the heart. Will sets mind. Not mind sets will.”

So my dear friends please reach out and ask me about the tools and practices I have to help you raise your vibration. They are very real and can help any human being regardless of circumstance. In the meantime, drop into your heart, start with loving yourself, raising your vibration within yourself, and the rest will follow. 

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