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Services Overview

All of the services I offer are in the realm of energy healing, meditation, or prayer. These are not physical things or healings.  In some cases, if you receive a service from me, although it will be in-person, I may not even touch you. Energy healing, or energetic healings, are all things that occur outside of or above the physical.  The definition of metaphysical is something that occurs above the physical.  As in, it is bigger than our physical body, or the realm of physical sciences.  Metaphysical things include philosophy, religion, astrology, and prayer – they are outside the traditional modern concept of scientific. However, metaphysics is a science, just refer to Aristotle’s writings, or to the astronomical calculations that astrology is based upon for proof of this.  And like any scientific inquiry, you have a cause and an effect – and you look for proof of hypothesis in results.  All of the options I present have positive results in the lives of those who try them.  I encourage you to not just believe me but to test this for yourself. 

Services FAQ

How long does a healing session take?

Most in-person sessions are 1.5 hours long. The duration may vary, but based on the session you choose all of these details will be discussed when you book your appointment. 

How do I pay for a session?

All sessions are to be pre-paid using Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, or credit card in advance of the session date. Payment by check can be done with pre-arrangement and permission.  If you are taking advantage of a package rate or special – all services must be pre-paid in full in order to take advantage of the package rate. 

What is an Activation?

An activation is a special healing using energy, light and movements and sometimes prayer to achemically and spiritually transform, heal or clear away negativity from your physical and spirit body.  Frequently that which is being healed is unseen and not physical, but you can feel the results energetically, emotionally, and sometimes physically. 

The activations I perform have been handed down via oral teachings for thousands of years through mystery schools since the time of King Solomon. They are tried and true healings with great power and impact that are performed the same by other certified practitioners across the planet. 

All activations must be done in person. If you are not in the Seattle area, or I am not traveling to where you are located, and you would like an activation, please contact me and I will get you connected to a practitioner in your area.

What is Initiation? 

Initiation is defined as a rite of passage, a physical ceremony that creates a new beginning. Initiation is a physical act that anchors new concepts into your life. Initiation is also a means of propelling us forward – giving us a path to return to the light with. The goal of initiation is to anchor high vibrational energies into your physical form, so that you can with energetic support move forward. 

Choosing to take the Empower Thyself class and Initiation in other words will help you move into alignment with who you truly are, and with your life purpose (the reason you chose to be on the planet today and do the work you promised to do). Initiation will also open the door to higher level classes and teachings in the Modern Mystery School and lineage of King Salomon if you desire to learn more. 

What is the Lineage of King Salomon?

The healings, activations, and teachers I provide have all been handed down in an unbroken chain of oral tradition for thousands of years.  This unbroken chain going back to an original source thousands of years old is called a lineage.  Think of lineage of being like a battery pack – the power of all of those teachers, practitioners, and methodology going back thousands of years is held in that battery pack that we call “lineage” and this gives it immense positive power to heal and transform. 

The name of this unbroken lineage is named after King Salomon (common spelling King Solomon) because King Salomon dedicated his life to bringing together healers and mystics from all over the planet to create a series of healings and activations that would work on any human, anywhere, no matter their DNA, culture, or geography to elevate the human being to his or her highest potential.  King Salomon was successful in this endeavor, and thanks to him and the work of all those healers thousands of years ago, we have the Life Activation today, and many of the others healings and activations that I offer.

How can crystals help me?

Stones, gems, rocks, and crystals all carry energy signatures, have energetic properties, and are living beings that can help us here on the physical planet.  Crystals can be placed into grids in your home to seal in energies, keep bad energies out, and help you manifest abundance and creative ideas.  Wearing certain stones can provide you different feelings, support you in the accomplishment of certain tasks, and protect you from things you do not want. 

Crystals can be used in readings to access you Akashik records, and other semi-precious stones can have runes carved on them, thus giving the reader access to additional vibratory frequencies for different types of advice and functions.  I use crystal in healings and meditations to assist you in experiencing positive energy tones and feelings, as well as to heal specific parts of the body or emotional trauma. 

The crystal and mineral kingdom is filled with extremely helpful friends just waiting to be of service. If you have a home, office, or space that you would like to enhance with a crystal grid or other energies do reach out for a consultation.  I can help with that!

What are the Runes?

The runes are an ancient magickal alphabet said to have been gathered by Odin from Mimir’s Well after he hung from the World Tree for 3 days and 3 nights.  Odin brought the gift of the Runes to humanity as a means for accessing the intuition and our true voice.  The Runes of the Elder Futhark are one of the oldest alphabet’s known on the planet today, and one of the most primordial and ancient magicks. As an alphabet, it has never been used as communication, but only for magickal workings, inscriptions, and ordination. 

When I use the Runes in a reading I do not tell you your future. Instead I act as facilitator for you and your intuition to answer important questions for your life. The runes are very direct and provide keys, answers, direction and advice to assist you with your query, concern, problem or opportunity. 

Depending on your situation we can also have you work with particular runes, in writing, journaling, yoga, meditation, dream work or inscription on objects as a means or method of assistance. 

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry are the geometric shapes that underly all creation.  You might be familiar with the spiral for example, that you see in the snail’s shell, the rose’s petals, and the fractals of Romanesco cauliflower.  This is also known as the Fibonacci sequence or the Fibonacci spiral.  Well, the math this sequence is based on relates back to geometry – triangle, circle, square – and shows the pattern of creation.  So sacred geometry is both mathematic, scientific, and spiritual – and it is everywhere around us.  Recognizing how to use Sacred Geometry in our lives, receiving healings and activations based on sacred geometry, and integrating sacred geometry into our spaces is an amazing support to us in daily life. I offer activations and healings that work with sacred geometries in your aura, and in your spirit body to “turn on” certain energy centers and activate you to accomplish more with your will, feel more passion in your spirit, and protect and heal you in ways that align with your higher self.  I also teach an intro to Sacred Geometry Course (dates listed in the Events tab if any courses are coming up) introducing you to these sacred shapes and how you can use them in your life, meditation and physical space.

What is Reiki? Why is ensophic reiki different?

Reiki is healing light.  Some call it “energy healing”, “hands-on healing”, “light healing” or “spiritual healing” but at the end of the day it is light, love, and energy channeled from source for the purpose of healing an individual’s physical, mental, or spiritual body.  The discipline of learning how to channel this energy and the various keys, symbols, teachings and methods have been passed down in different Reiki Lineages i.e. through different teachers.  The different reiki certifications out there all state what reiki lineage they are from or what school of reiki the practitioner learned from.  Ensofic reiki or ensophic ray is reiki that comes direct from the first reiki teacher, its unbroken lineage and a very concentrated form of energy for healing. 

What is a mystery school? 

There are 7 mystery schools on the planet today. Many people know of The Golden Dawn, made famous by books and former members of repute such as Aleister Crowley.  The other schools have less written about them and have not made their way into popular culture – with perhaps the exception of the Tibetan mystery school.  The purpose of a mystery school is to hold a certain energy for the planet and a specific body of esoteric and occult knowledge for the sake of humanity. Each mystery school has a specific lineage – an unbroken chain of knowledge, information, tradition and power that holds due to a series of lineage holders.  The lineage of the Modern Mystery School is that of King Solomon the Wise, although it dates back further than the historical King Solomon. The Modern Mystery School is the only Mystery school on the planet that is open to the public.  What this means is that you do not have to invited in, you simply choose to engage in its teachings and learn what the mysteries (aka occult knowledge) has to offer you – if you like. It also means that just like any university or college you can enroll in the teachings of your own choice, and also stop learning or engaging of your own free will as well.  Mystery schools are not religious institutions – they offer occult knowledge and provide insight into the mysteries of the universe – they do not profess dogma or require you to think, act or believe in a certain way. 

Where is the Modern Mystery School located?

The Modern Mystery School has headquarters in Toronto Canada, London England, Japan, South Africa, and Brazil. However, as the only mystery school on the planet open to the public, it is located wherever physical classes are being held by a Certified Guide or Teacher in the school is located.  A guide or certified teacher is authorized to provide the teachings of the mystery school wherever they are physically located.  Thus the mystery teachings are available across the globe to anyone who is seeking.

What are the benefits of meditation?

The benefits of meditation include clarity, release of tension, reduction in anxiety, better sleep, less pain, more vitality and general sense of well-being. Meditation has been shown scientifically to increase brain capacity.  Meditation also assists in a gratitude practice and is an essential part of building an abundance mindset and becoming a highly productive and happy individual.  At the end of the day, however, those who meditate simply recognize that they feel better.  Whether you call it happiness, peace of mind, mindfulness, zen, well-being, clarity or reduction of fear and anxiety – the result is pleasant and uplifting for the human spirit.  No one ever has said, “I regret meditating.”  

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