Empower Thyself Class and Initiation

Transform your life. Live your purpose.

The Empower Thyself class & Initiation is a beginning on a path to Know Thyself. This two-day class will introduce you to new ways of being, thinking, and acting via tools from an over 3000 year old tradition.

If you feel stuck, or wishing there was something more than what this life seems to offer – this experience is for you. It provides a way to unstick yourself, find purpose and put you in the driver’s seat of your life.

If you are in a good place but just want to make more of an impact in the life of others for the better – this experience is for you. As the tools you will receive (if used) will expand your abilities, consciousness, effectiveness and overall capacity to create positive outcomes for yourself and others.

The path of the initiate is a highly effective way to upgrade your life. It all starts with a choice to invest in yourself. A choice to choose a bigger existence. A choice to step into your power and start manifesting the life you want to live filled with joy and purpose.

Other benefits of the class and initiation include:

  • 10 times more power to manifest and actualize in your life.
  • Daily practices & activities to cement and integrate positive change into your life.
  • Methods to overcome your negative ego and live a life of freedom and joy.
  • New meditation practices you can use every day.
  • Direct access to 4 new spirit guides to help you on your path of purpose.

Prerequisite: Life Activation Session 

Investment for Package (Class & Life Activation) : $1555

All forms of payment accepted. (Venmo, credit card, cash, etc.)

Payment plans and energy exchange options available.  Just reach out. 

Contact Angel at angellatterell@gmail.com to pre-register and schedule your Life Activation.  

Empower Thyself Class & Initiation
Transform. Grow. Become.

Upcoming Classes

Sat. & Sun., January 26th & 27th (Seattle, WA)

Sat. & Sun. March 2nd & 3rd (St. Augustine, FL)

Standard Registration (not in a package): $1,300

See package pricing

Prerequisites: Life Activation

Register through my website (button above) if you need to pay by credit card.

Contact Angel for alternative payment methods, payment plans, and packages.

Packages for students who need Life Activation are available.  Please set up a free consultation to discuss with Angel.

Michelle’s Story

A Testimonial

“I really like your vibe.”

I get this alot, even more so after I completed the Empower Thyself workshop & Initiation back in January of 2021. I was ambivalent back then, but left a very stable job in community mental health with benefits due to being burned out. Entered into therapy work with a couple of organizations only to face the same toxicity and continue martyring myself without taking care of myself. I was an essential worker back then, working in social services and so burned out that I felt stuck there forever. I had talked to a good friend about the Modern Mystery School and thought I would check it out. My spirit wanted something different than what I was doing and my body and mind were not in alignment with each other. I took a chance, invested in myself, and paid to take this workshop.

It took a while after completing it when I started to see the benefits. I took the biggest leap of faith in my career; opening up my own private therapy practice. I had barely any savings due to the toxicity of my previous jobs, so I had to shift my mindset around my financial resources significantly, and there were times where I relied on the generosity of my friends and community to make those resources more abundant. It took my stepping way out of my comfort zone; creating crowdsourcing campaigns to pay for important trainings, when I fell for a scam at the beginning of 2022. These are things I would have never shared with anyone as I was conditioned to dig my own self out of my financial scarcity.

A year later, I’m now booked out significantly as a therapist, was given an adjunct teaching appointment at my graduate alma mater, have had several virtual and in-person public speaking opportunities sharing my past work as an activist and how that informs my therapy work. Friends and colleagues from my past are coming to me wanting to pivot their careers and dip their toes into private practice therapy work and are asking me for guidance.

I’m still taking note of how life-changing the Empower Thyself workshop was for me at that time; there was so much darkness due to loss I was facing and I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to see or feel light ever again. The Empower Thyself workshop and Angel’s compassionate style of coaching has allowed me to tap back into my spiritual ancestral roots without fear getting in my way, or wasting energy on the negative opinions from others on how I’ve gone about my journey in my career. I got my shine back!

I still blush occasionally when I get this comment about my vibe. It’s a light that’s always been there, I just needed the spark from MMS and the Know Thyself workshop to help it shine again.

Michelle Jaquish, MSW, LICSW
Mental Health Therapist

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