Metaphysical Options for a Joyful Life

Clearings and Shamanic Healings

Metaphysical Options from the Lineage of King Salomon

Basic Clearing (Negative Attachment Removal/Cord Cutting) – $175.00

Sometimes called a cord cutting the basic clearing releases negative attachments that have formed between yourself and others as a result of any situation or entanglement. Basic clearings are good to do at the end or beginning or relationships, after any type of turmoil or emotionally upsetting situation, before starting a new endeavor, or for any type of healing, legal, or other service professional who work regularly assisting other people.  The basic clearing can assist in reestablishing good boundaries and letting go among other individualized benefits.

Good Spell Casting – $125.00 individually or $225.00 together with the Basic Clearing

When you clear away it is sometimes good to cement a positive intention, desire or wish in the space that is opened up. Good Spell Casting does exactly that. It also offers support to those who need a little something in the areas of love, luck, finance, relationships, job interviews, friendships, client relations etc…

Shamanic Aura Clearing – $150.00 individually or $225.00 together with the Basic Clearing

The Shamanic Aura Clearing is a very supportive way to remove negative emotional patterns, ties and connections from your aura so you can start fresh from a place of personal clarity. Stress, pressure, drama, day-to-day challenges build up and can cause patterns of coping, or patterns of negative thoughts and emotions to start running in a loop. This clearing is a tool to give you a clear slate to start from so you can choose to move on, start over, or just turn the other cheek (for yourself or another). Session lasts 30 minutes to an hour.

Aura Healing & and Seven Layer Aura Balance – $225.00 individually or $375.00 together

Everyday we encounter numerous influences as we move in and out of different environments and interact with different people, energies and situations. All of it seeps into our Aura, as does the food we eat, the substances we drink, the conversations we have, the projects and family situations we experience.

Because of this constant stimulation it can be important to heal your Aura and restore its balance. If you have recently experienced a major change or trauma – then this becomes all the more vital. Benefits of the session can include increased vitality, a sense of well-being, a feeling of lightness, clarity of thought, reduction of headaches or other pain and improved sleep. Results vary based on the individual but are always positive.

In this 1 or 2 hour series of sessions we will start with the aura healing and then move into balancing each of the 7 layers of Aura. Both sessions are recommended, but they will both have benefit if done individually.  We will draw both sessions to a close with a conversation over tea about ways to protect your Aura in your current life so you can maintain the benefits of the healing and balance.

Chakra Awakening – $125.00

Clear and balance your chakras in a powerful way bringing opening to your daily approach to all situations. Get unstuck, and start moving.

Tree of Life – $125.00

Awaken the sephorahs of the tree of life within your body to feel more attuned with the world and increase your ability to manifest results in projects, endeavors and life.

Chakra Awakening and Tree of Life together – $225.00

 “Angel gave me the Life Activation last year […] within a day or two the symptoms went away so I was fairly sure that there had been a deep healing that went deep in my body or energy field. No problems since.”

Georgia S.

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