Life Activation

Starting something? Stuck on something? Seeking a new perspective, more vitality – a direction in life? Want a little push to begin a new endeavor? Perhaps find a new job or just an improved outlook on the one you already have? Or maybe you want to connect to your life purpose?

The Life Activation is an ancient healing from a 3,000-year-old tradition that “turns the lights on” in the house of our spirit. It is a highly recommended first step on anyone’s new path toward a more empowered you. In fact, Life Activation can address any of the situations listed above. It is the first spark to ignite the flame under your feet for a new joyous journey. It will help ready you to take on what you need to do most right now. It will give you a closer connection to your higher self and the power to increase inner strength and wisdom.

In this 1.5 hour session, we will talk about your goals, set intentions, and balance all of the energies in your body. Then, I will perform the life activation and conduct a reading where I facilitate messages directly from your highest self and the hierarchy of light.

I look forward to talking with you about this wonderful path. Book a call to get started!

Cost: $395

Recommended Next Step: Full Spirit Activation (See below)

 “Angel gave me the Life Activation last year […] within a day or two the symptoms went away so I was fairly sure that there had been a deep healing that went deep in my body or energy field. No problems since.”

Georgia S.
Latterell Law Abundance Legal Coaching

Full Spirit Activation

The Full Spirit activation awakens and balances your potential to reach your true purpose in life. As a bonus, it is just good for your physical body as this modality works with core meridians and the energy of your brain to produce the optimum conditions for whole health and wellness.

This activation is great for anyone suffering from difficulty concentrating, mind clutter, the after-effects of too much multi-tasking and split attention to cope with heavy professional workloads.

Cost: $325

Recommended Next Step: Empower Thyself Class and Initiation

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