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Rune & Tarot Divinatory Advice Readings


Runes and Tarot are used in many traditions as tools of psychics and seers throughout the ages – so much so that the idea of a fortune teller looking into the cards or a crystal ball is a cliche’ image.

I am not going to use these tools to tell you your future or your past. I won’t re-enact any cliched performances of predicting the love of your life or fulfilling other romanticized notions. What I will do is facilitate a conversation with you, your intuition, and the magickal tools of the Runes and Tarot to tap into the answers that are already there waiting for you to find.

I call these readings divine advice because your intuition is the voice of your higher self, your divine self, and the hierarchy of light that is working in our favor. Working with these tools helps you to trust this intuitive voice and hone your sences to hear exactly what you are saying. I will be a facilitator in this process as we work to find practical advice for situations you are currently facing.

Standard advice sessions are 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long. Come prepared with a question about your life, or a challenge you are currently facing and we will work with the Runes and/or the Tarot to find the best trajectory for you, by you. Questions should not be yes or no – but more how/how should, what is the best way to, and so forth.

Rune and/or Tarot 3 Card Advice Reading –  45 minutes, $95

Rune and Tarot Full Spread Divinatory Advice Reading – 1 hour,  $150

Tree of Life (9 Worlds) Deep Examination Rune Reading – 1.5 to 2 hours,  $195

Life Purpose Reading

Want to do a deep dive into your true life purpose from a place of the spirit? The life purpose reading, or 11th codon reading goes directly into your spiritual DNA. This 45-minute to one-hour session produces an in-depth map for you to meditate on for your life direction. It is powerful, empowering, and possibly life-changing. For anyone who is truly desirous of developing a connection with their true purpose or delving deeper into their personal path – I highly recommend this session.

Pre-requisite: Life Activation. Because of the high amount of energy that flows in this session, all recipients must have had a Life Activation within the last 3 weeks to be able to integrate the

Life Purpose Reading + First Time Life Activation Package: $575.00 (save $45)

Just had a life activation? Reading alone: $225.00

Life activation a while ago? But really want this reading? Let’s talk about the best service package to support you for where your life is at.

Twin Crystal Reading

Twin Crystal Reading of the Akashik Record

30 minute session $95,  1 hour reading session $185

This is a very special reading using the energy of your Akashik zone for divinely inspired advice.  You ask a question and we use the images and insights provided by the crystals to illuminate the best way forward, or a way around the blocking issues you are facing around the question. We use the crystal to channel through to a place where your true self can speak and provide linkages and insights for your best and highest good. 

The information is brought to us through the conduit of the crystals and of our connection. This reading is not predictive of any future specific or generic – it is facilitated advice from the energy of being in the akashik zone through the intermediary of the twin crystal.

Astrological Reading

Birth Chart Relationship, Emotional Assessment, and Advice – 1 hour, $375

Can be done remotely over ZOOM. Includes report of findings from birth chart.

Where is your moon in your birth chart and what does this mean about your emotional expression, self-care needs, and communication? Where does Venus live in your chart and what does this mean for you, love, and relationships? What is going on in your 7th house of committed relationships? How do you relate to love, to significant others, and what are seeking from a partner? Or perhaps you just want some assistance articulating your needs and wants in the context of relationship or personal self care. This type of astrological review and advice session can help with all of this and more.  Session prepaid and must be able to provide birthdate, birth location, and birth time.  

Cosmology Reading

$325/session – Up to 60 minutes depending on the individual

Using your time of conception and the events happening in the stars and planets above us at that moment (moon phase, meteor showers, conjunctions, etc) we will deep dive into a reading about your soul, purpose, and other divine details to help you get clarity from a larger cosmological perspective.

This reading IS NOT about mundane aspects of life or questions about daily life (e.g. our jobs, living situations, lovers, or long term practical goal setting). This reading is for communication with the soul and the receipt of divine guidance and perspective related to your purpose for being here on the planet and your power as a divine being. 

This reading must be done in-person in order to channel the Kronos energy that will accomplish the reading.  

 “Angel gave me the Life Activation last year […] within a day or two the symptoms went away so I was fairly sure that there had been a deep healing that went deep in my body or energy field. No problems since.”

Georgia S.

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