Wellness and Pain Relief

There are a entire host of healings that can help with general wellness, recovery from illness, and relief from pain.

Spark of Life

1 hour session, Distance Healing – $175

The spark of life healing simply requires you to relax for an hour and let the light be sent to you. This distance healing comes from a 3000 year tradition and has many benefits from alleviating symptoms of illness, pain, creating a sense of well-being and mood improvement.

This healing is ideal for anyone, but especially helpful if you are in a remote area, isolated, or unable to travel due to physical or other limitations.

Lazer Light Healing

1 hour session, $95 per treatment, or custom treatment packages available

Lazer light is being shown again and again to assist with the relief of both muscle, joint, and other pain experienced throughout the physical body.  It can also help us clear subconsciously suppressed emotions and feelings that are being expressed as physical symptoms. Book a call to create a custom treatment plan.

Meridian Healing Sessions

1 hour session, $95 per treatment, or custom treatment packages available

Energy flows through all of our physical systems and pressure points and meridians have been used for thousands of years to improve physical and mental health. Using this system of pressure points we can go after symptoms of illness as well as eradicate the cause.  There are so many possibilities for overall wellness improvement.

 “Angel gave me the Life Activation last year […] within a day or two the symptoms went away so I was fairly sure that there had been a deep healing that went deep in my body or energy field. No problems since.”

Georgia S.

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