The High Priestess

I found a slip of paper with the following note scribbled on it “The High Priestess is the 1st teacher, representing inner life and the method for contacting it, as well as the study of spiritual mastery.” and “The High Priestess appears when the Fool decides he/she wants to develop his/her innate powers, making a move to become The Magician.”

For those that study Tarot or the Kabbalah, you might know that the 22 major arcana (main cards – The Magician, The High Priestess, The Fool, etc) are all a circle. The Fool is #22 or 0, the Magician is #1, The High Priestess #2 – so it goes 1-22 or 0-21 and starts over again. Also, each Tarot card sits on one of the 22 paths of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The High Priestess sits on the path from The Crown of Kether to The Heart of Tipheret, symbolizing many things from the crossing of the abyss to the heart-mind connection (that is, although book smarts are great, heart intelligence is truly the best).

I share all of this because as I pulled my cards for the day this morning and journaled in my Ritual Planner (highly recommend this product for all daily Tarot card meditators – I’m getting no endorsement proceeds, it is just that great of a tool), I received The High Priestess as one of my cards. I looked over and saw the paper I have sitting with my journal – reminding me of the path I myself am on to Know Thyself and how my path is about sharing this same path (how to Know Thyself) with others. But, in order to share this path, I must be walking the path. One cannot show another something they themselves do not know how to do. This very week I recommitted to my daily practice of quiet meditation, ritual, prayer, and yoga. I am engaging in at least two hours of self-care in the morning before I interact with the world to ensure I’m able to be of service with a full cup to help others.

I also just confirmed the dates for my next Empower Thyself class on November 20th and 21st, and I want to invite anyone seeking more connection to themself, their higher self, their purpose to join me for this class. This class is right for anyone seeking a way to bring more light and joy into their own personal world and/or their community. It is also great for anyone seeking just to get unstuck from where they are, or to have more energy for daily life. If you are in any of these categories or even just curious, please reach out and talk to me about this class and initiation onto the path of knowing thyself.

I don’t claim to be The High Priestess or anything – but I do know that in my heart my goal is to help others learn this path of self-love and joy that I’ve been so blessed to experience for myself. So, if any part of you wants to make that move from The Fool to becoming The Magician in your own life, i.e. the playwright, the author of your story, the creator of your reality – then Empower Thyself and its pre-requisite The Life Activation are for perfect for you – especially right now.

The two-day Empower Thyself class & initiation provides you with daily tools – rituals that take as much time as brushing your teeth that will, if used, improve your life and give you more energy and willpower.

The initiation will get you going in the direction of the will of the universe and you will feel emblazoned and empowered through accessing your purpose or at least knowing the right direction to walk in because you will gain a path to walk on to keep looking for it.

Hope and purpose are the most powerful sword in today’s world to cut through the darkness and illusions that surround us.

I invite you to consider that you are strong enough to live a life of love for yourself and others filled with light. I invite you to consider that you have the power to transform your life and your environment.

Come learn one method to access this power with me. Reach out to me for a consult or to register for Empower Thyself and your Life Activation while early registration is still available. I can also package the class with some other healings and Life Purpose readings if you are so inclined.

Most importantly, if you feel the call, answer it! Honor that part of yourself. I look forward to walking this path with you.

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